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Sustaign is a Design Studio and a small manufacturingshouse that creates unique handmade panels based in the Netherlands. 

At sustaign we have two main goals. Firstly, we want to create the world's most beautiful designs from circular plastics - 100% recycled and 100% recyclable material. Secondly, we want to challenge ideas about "waste" and the system that creates it.

We achieve this in a number of ways. Read on to find out why we focus on plastics, our production process and how our current economic model needs to change. We will tell you why we think plastics can be part of a green future.

Our team is here 
to inspire you!

If your goal is to be more sustainably and consciously, then our team is your team! We want to surprise you with the beauty of recycled plastic, we want to work with you and take your requirements into account.


Lisanne Kamphuis (founder Sustaign) started developing a unique processing technique in her graduation year. Out of curiosity about how things work a unique process has been created during a period of time. Because of this process, Sustaign can deliver you a piece of design that will exceed your expectations of this material, the true hidden beauty of plastic waste, merged with today’s modern design!

Sustaign gives used plastics qualities that are similar to high-quality classic materials such as

stone, marble, and ceramics. 

Hidden beauty

During our research into the visual aspects of the plastic waste stream, we discovered that most beauty lies within the process. This beauty is not visible to the human eye.

Our team started looking at the smallest details. In cooperation with photographer Niek Erents, we photographed several works in extremely high resolution and color depth. We developed a way to turn plastic waste into inspiring beautiful shapes.


Finished with high-quality photographic techniques we created pieces of art in which the beauty of recycled plastic came to life.

Meet our team

Meet The Team

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