Room of Trashures - Dutch Design Week 22 (2022)

This set of sustainable interior design are made entirely from recycled plastic (Polypropylene).With an enome size of 2350 x 1100 mm, the table has a colossal appearance and is truly a statement for your business or personal environment! And you know what the best thing about this is? you can also order these products entirely in your own color combination!

So you can also order this beautiful set in the desired brand/home colors.

Contact us about the possibilities! 


Sand by Eastborn - Hilding Anders NL . ( Collab: 2022)

In cooperation with Hilding Anders NL and designer Henk Heres we have launched our first sustainable boxspring series, Sand By Eastborn. We have provided one of these sustainable boxspring with bedside table shelves and durable feets! Each bed is equipped with unique and sustainable items made from 100% recycled plastic thats looks like high quility marble. Hilding Anders  / Henk Heres


We created a beautiful limited edition artwork and our very first Taille vase in an XXL variation for PlastChem B.V.  We made these works of art according to the colour choice of the interior architect, so it fits with the rest of the interior and the house style of this new building. Plastchem B.V.  


By using our unique designed process, our team of designers created customer-orientated products made entirely from plastic waste. Our products are completely unique and handmade with visual aspects that come close to other high-quality materials such as stone, marble, and ceramics. 


Each product can be personalized and brought to life in collaboration with our partner, YOU! Get your vases.


After a long developing process we can now make sheet material with beautiful visual aspects entirely from plastic waste. These sheets have the max. dimensions of 2350 x 1150 mm. You can now pre-order our sample box of 3 pieces with different thicknesses of 12 | 16 | 22 mm. Get your samplebox.


Conference Table (Collaboration: Wastecraft)

In cooperation with WasteCraft we have created a special conference table for Afvalfonds verpakkingen! This table is made entirely from plastic drink caps in the green colours and shredded white plastic material added to it! (Dimensions 2400 x 1100 x 22 mm) WasteCraft


Karma kebab (Collaboration: WasteCraft)

Karma Kebab has now poured their years of festival experience into a catering business. With 400m2 restaurant/bar, 250m2 terrace, a gigantic event hall with the middle a 22 meter long bar. They asked us to design something really special that would fit their new catering business. In collaboration with WasteCraft, we were able to create a 22-metre-long bartop for Karma Kebab's new location. This Bartop is made from thousands of plastic drinks caps in the brand colours that suit the company. WasteCraft


Fruitmasters (Collaboration: Wasteboards)

During the transport and packaging of the different types of fruit, many packaging and transport solutions are used, including pallets and crates. FruitMasters is very conscious about purchasing and recycling the materials used for this. But of course not everything can be reused and sometimes things break. The question was “what can make from this broken material?” For this project, we have teamed up with WasteCraft to create a new apple tree container from old pieces/shards from used plastic containers! WasteCraft 

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